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Apex Chapter (APEX Outdoorsmen)

APEX Outdoorsmen is focused on serving the Howard County community. Their purpose is to teach and mentor youth about hunting, trapping and fishing. Also mentor youth to have respect for  (private/public) landowners, the grounds and harvests. Their key priorities for the first year are to build a stronger chapter through community, hold at least 3 outdoor activities per year, and create a PowerPoint informing the public of their chapter. The members of the APEX Outdoorsmen chapter will assist other groups/organizations with their events in the community. Also provide mentoring year round for the youth.

Members must keep up with the Facebook APEX page, help spread sponsors names for their support/donations. Hold meetings once a month for now and before each event. To become a member you must complete a background check. Board members need to also complete CPR for adults and children.

Founding members of the chapter are Chris Coplen, Trevor Hemmingsen, Daniel Koperski, Brian Sack, April Rice and Jen Mitteis.

List of supporters and partner organizations:

 APEX Predator Animal Control
Trevor Hemmingsen
(308) 390- 0987

U-Betcha Auto
Brian Sack


Pizza Hut
Rhonda Paczosa

Melissa Glinsman

 Kerry’s Grocery
Kerry Lauritsen

Contact information:

President – Chris Coplen
105 Mandel Avenue
Farewell, NE 68838

Vice President – Trevor Hemmingsen
391 V Road
Palmer, NE 68864

Secretary/Treasurer – Jen Mitteis
1013 Grand Street
St.Paul, NE 68873

Chairman – Daniel L Koperski
416 Center Avenue
St.Paul, NE 68873

Chairman – Brian Sack
1022 Deer Meadow Drive
P.O. Box 264
St.Paul, NE 68873

Event Coordinator – April Rice
Support Member – Jared Rice
1024 Liberty Road 
St.Paul, NE 68873
April – (402)217-6426
Jared – (308)571-0733


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